Wedge Wire Screen

Wedge Wire Screen

Wedge Wire Screen
Wedge Wire Screen
Wedge Wire Screen

Wedge wire screen consists of stainless steel triangle wire surface profiles and stainless steel support rods (triangle wire, round bar, flat bar or wedge wire). It forms various V-shape slots with narrow opening on the top and wide opening on the bottom and delivers high flow rate, excellent chemical stability and great corrosion resistance performance. This is a multipurpose screen with characteristics of toughness and clogging resistance where slit / slot (mesh) suitable for the application are formed by arranging "wedge wires" with a triangle shape at equal intervals.

Industries served:

  • Power Plants
  • Coal Washeries
  • Chemical Industries
  • Mining Industries
  • Chemical and Mineral
  • Paper & Pulp
  • Iron Ore & Steel
  • Cement & Store Crushing
  • and Many More
  • Uses / Application:

    • Filtration
    • Dewatering
    • Screening
    • Collection
  • Distribution
  • Seperating
  • Classification
  • Etc
  • Advantages:

    1. High Strength and Durability                          
    2. Optimised collection nd distributions
    3. Maximum Open Area                                     
    4. Excellent Corrosion resistance
    5. Anti Clogging Slot                                           
    6. Custom Slot Size
    7. Smooth working space                                    
    8. Easy to clean